Every business needs a credit history!

For the first time, MyCreditsafe® lets you update the information in your Creditsafe business report. And maybe even better, we’ve partnered with eCredable to make sure that even more of the bills you pay each month get into your business credit file so that you can give potential partners and credit providers even more confidence in your creditworthiness.

Creditsafe has partnered with eCredable (a Credit Reporting Agency) to source real-time information from your service providers for essential business accounts like phone, internet, and utilities.  After you sign up, eCredable securely downloads up to 24 months of payment histories from thousands of billers across the U.S.  Your verified information is reported to Creditsafe to enrich your payment history and dynamically affect your business credit score.

This is just another easy way along with MyCreditsafe® to build and enhance your score letting lenders, suppliers, and other creditors quickly evaluate the financial health of your business so you can apply for the funding necessary to grow your business.